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Zest Restaurant

Zest lives up to its name. Vibrant and fresh, from the colours of its decor to the flavours of the food.

4a Elizabeth Place, Timaru 7910, New Zealand
10:50am - 8:20pm
03 688 8313
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Main Menu

Available from 10:50am to 8:20pm



All pizzas come in three sizes: snack, regular, and large.

Aoraki Smoke

Lightly smoked salmon partnered w fried capers, spinach, parsley, and dill finished w cream cheese and mozzarella.

Apricot Chicken

Tender chicken, sun dried apricots, roasted capsicums, and onions topped w a spiced apricot sauce and cream cheese.


Seasoned chicken, bacon, fried egg, sweet corn, and diced white onion topped w BBQ sauce.


A tomato base w fresh roasted garlic, feta cheese, olives, chunky tomatoes, red onions, and spinach topped w sour cream and a sprinkling of parmesan.

Hawaiian Zest

Ham, pineapple, onions, and capsicums w a Hawaiian chutney base and mozzarella cheese.

Little Italy

A tomato base layered w pepperoni, salami, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, and capsicums topped w a basil pesto swirl and a sprinkle of parmesan.

Seafood Mornay

Selection of mixed seafood, fresh herbs and onions topped w mozzarella and a rich mornay sauce.

Summer BBQ

Prime beef, smokey bacon, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms on a sweet onion relish base topped w BBQ sauce.

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Chicken, ham, capsicum, red onion, mozzarella, and cream cheese with a sweet chilli swirl.

The Mongrel

Sweet onion relish base w salami, chicken, white onion, spinach, feta, and mozzarella topped w a BBQ sauce swirl.

Vegetarian Delight

Pesto base covered w roast capsicums, fresh tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella finished w a parmesan sprinkle and a aioli swirl.

Zest Favourite

Tender chicken pieces alongside red onions, capsicums, cranberry sauce, and brie cheese.

Lamb Roast

Roasted lamb, pumpkin, kumara and caramelised onions topped w a mint infused aioli.

Chicken & Pepperoni

Chicken meatball, pepperoni, red onion, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella on a tomato base w a sundried tomato mayonnaise swirl.


Tomato base, spinach, mushrooms, capsicums, red onion, fresh tomato, (no cheese on this one), topped w a plum swirl.

All Day Menu

Seafood Chowder

A selection of seafood in a delicious cream based chowder.

Calamari Salad

Tender rings of seasoned calamari, on a fresh garden salad, drizzled w a lemon and garlic aioli. Served w roast potatoes.

Moroccan Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken pieces dusted w Moroccan spices tossed through a market salad, served w a fresh herb yoghurt dressing and finished w triangles of flatbread.

Chicken Nachos

Spicy corn chips topped w a seasoned chicken, tossed through a tomato and coriander salsa, layered w melted cheese and finished w sour cream on top.

Wedges w Bacon & Cheese

Seasoned wedges tossed through sweet chilli sauce, w bacon, covered w melted cheese and topped w sour cream.


Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise in lightly toasted bread, served w fries.

Pan fried Fish

Pan fried fish topped w a lemon hollandaise, served w salad and your choice of roast potatoes or garlic and herb potato mash.

Prawns Wrapped in Bacon

Succulent prawns wrapped in prime bacon and pan-fried w lemon, sweet chilli and garlic, served on rice w salad.

Vegetarian Filo

Roasted pumpkin, kumara, red onions, spinach, and brie filo topped w mango salsa and served w salad.

Chicken & Bacon Pasta

Sauteed chicken, bacon and onions in a creamy herb sauce tossed through penne pasta, topped w parmesan cheese.

Chicken & Banana Curry

Chicken, onions and capsicums in a mild green curry finished w banana slices, toasted cashew nuts and coriander, served on jasmine rice.

Chicken Parmigiana

Seasoned crumbed chicken topped w a tomato salsa and melted cheese, served w fries and salad.

Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel

Golden crumbed chicken schnitzel topped w mushroom sauce, served w salad and fries.

Beer Battered Blue Cod

Everybody's favourite Blue Cod (180g) encased in a fine ale batter served w fries and salad.

BBQ Ribs

Fall off the bone pork ribs, slow cooked and basted in a BBQ plum glaze served w fries and salad.

Lamb Shank

Tender single shank, slow cooked in a rosemary jus served on a garlic & herb potato mash w roast pumpkin and steamed vegetables.

Kids Menu


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