Using Delivereasy

How does Delivereasy work?

It’s (deliver)easy!

  • Enter your address
  • Choose your restaurant
  • Select your food

When you're happy with your choice, hit 'checkout'. You'll then have the option to create an account, or you can just continue by providing your details.

Pay for your meal by credit/debit card, or by using a voucher, and then your job is done.

Sit back, relax and wait for your food to be delivered.

How is the food delivered?

A Delivereasy driver partner will deliver your food by motorcycle or car. Your food is kept safe and at the correct temperature in a specially designed insulated bag.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs differ depending on the distance between the restaurant and the delivery address.

The easiest way to check the price of delivery is to enter your address on our website. You can then check the delivery cost in the cart of any restaurant on offer.

Can I order from more than one restaurant?

At the moment, it is only possible to order food from one restaurant per order. However, you're more than welcome to put through multiple orders and we'll deliver everything safely to you.

When can I get food delivered?

We deliver from 10am-10pm, Monday-Sunday.

However, the opening hours of restaurants vary, so not all restaurants are open for deliveries at all times. Check out our website to see what's available when.

How is the food packaged?

Each restaurant is responsible for packaging their own food, because when it comes to their menu, they're the experts. That means that the packaging can vary between restaurants.

Why doesn't Delivereasy accept cash?

All payments are processed online. It's easier for us, easier for you and it's safer for our Delivereasy driver partners to not carry cash while they're working.

What kind of restaurants are listed on Delivereasy?

We partner with all of your favourite restaurants. Whether it's fast food you're craving, or a fancy fine dining experience, we've got something for you.

You used to deliver to my area, but now you don't. Why?

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience, start to finish. The delicious food we deliver has to be restaurant quality in order for us to be happy with the service we have provided.

In the past, we have made the decision to close a few areas after reviewing them. Due to some of the delivery distances, we weren't always able to provide a service we were happy with.

We may decide to reopen areas in the future, when we're confident that we can deliver food to a high standard.

Will I pay more than if I was eating in the restaurant?

Restaurants choose their menu prices. Whilst we strongly encourage them to use the same prices for delivery as they do in store, sometimes they choose to charge different prices online.

Any difference you see in price has been decided on by the restaurant. We, Delivereasy, don't mark up any prices restaurants provide.

Can I place orders in advance?

Absolutely! You can order food for later the same day. Just choose the delivery time you'd like before you hit 'checkout'.

Can I buy Delivereasy credit for someone as a gift?

Yes, definitely! To buy a gift voucher, just head here.

Why aren't you delivering to my area yet?

We're expanding all the time!

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience, start to finish. The delicious food we deliver has to be restaurant quality in order for us to be happy with the service we have provided.

The quality of our service depends on a number of factors, including number of drivers, number of restaurants and delivery distances.

We won't open an area until we're confident that we can deliver food to the highest possible standard.

Watch this space! We hope to be delivering to you soon.

My Order

What if I have allergies?

Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions about special dietary requirements.

What if I am not around when the delivery driver arrives?

Your driver will give you a call if they're outside your house and no one has answered the door. If we're unable to reach you via phone and email, the driver will be asked to leave after 10 minutes and you will still be charged.

What if my order is late?

We do our best to deliver your order within the given delivery time. However, there are factors outside of our control that may cause your delivery to take a little longer than expected. For example, bad weather conditions and traffic.

We always aim to keep you up to date with any changes to your order's ETA. And if you have any questions about the whereabouts of your order, feel free to give us a call.

What if something is wrong with my order?

Contact us to let us know. We'll look into the issue and do our best to sort it for you.

If it's about a live order, please give us a call.

If it's less urgent, email us at, or fill out one of our contact forms.

To speed the process up, please provide your order ID when getting in touch.


What is Afterpay?

Afterpay allows you to purchase from online stores and pay later in 4 easy interest-free instalments.

Is there any interest on the amount paid?

No, there is no interest payable by you

What are other terms and conditions I need to be aware of?

Full terms & conditions are available at

Can I buy restricted items with Afterpay on Delivereasy?

Delivereasy does not allow the purchase of restricted items with the payment option, Afterpay.

How does Afterpay work?

To pay with Afterpay:

  • Add your items to the cart
  • Select Afterpay as the payment option at the checkout
  • Signup or use your existing Afterpay account
  • Once approved, Delivereasy will process your order
Is there an order limit?

Yes, the maximum purchase amount using Afterpay is dependent on your agreed limit on your Afterpay app.

How often is repayment?

Afterpay offers your order to be paid in 4 installments with repayment automatically occurring every 2 weeks.

How do I sign up for Afterpay?
  • Select Afterpay as a payment method (or visit the website).
  • You can register as you complete your purchase.
Does Afterpay charge interest?

There is no interest payable by you if you place an order using Afterpay.

Can I place an Afterpay order with you over the phone?

Afterpay is available as an online payment method and requires login credentials for authorisation. Our team members are unable to place an order on your behalf.

Where can I find out more about Afterpay?

If you would like to know more about Afterpay, visit the Afterpay website for a comprehensive list of FAQs & terms. Afterpay’s Privacy Policy which can be found at

Becoming a Delivery Driver

What kind of licence do I need?

You'll need a valid license to drive your vehicle alone. This means that a restricted license is the minimum for a scooter, or car. A motorbike learner license is the minimum for a motorbike, or high cc scooter.

Driver partners on a learner license wanting to deliver on a 50cc (or below) scooter are taken into consideration upon completion of an approved scooter survival course.

What is my working relationship with Delivereasy?

As a driver partner with Delivereasy you will be operating as a self employed independent contractor, giving you the flexibility to deliver on your own schedule.

Its perfect to drive around your own schedule and fit in around any other commitments you may have; whether it be another job, study, or your social life.

How can I sign up to become a restaurant delivery driver?

Simply follow the below link to start your application:

What kind of vehicle do I need?

It is required that you are able to use your own scooter, motorcycle or car. E-bikes and E-scooters are often considered in some areas

What kind of visa do I need?

You will need NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. Work visas need to have the option to work as a contractor. For example on a student visa you are unable to work as a contractor