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Yokohama Sushi

Yokohama Sushi serves fresh Japanese sushi, to the heart of Wellington Central.

41 The Terrace, Wellington, 6011
10:10am - 3:50pm
04 499 9544
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Main Menu

Available from 10:10am to 3:50pm


Hand Rolls Pack

Handmade pieces such as Nigiri, Inari, and Gunkan Maki. These pieces come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. Your choice of size.

Favourites Mixed Pack

A variety of nigiri, inari, rolls, hand rolls, classic pieces, and "stand and stuff" rolls.

Healthy Vegetarian Pack

For the health conscious souls out there. Vegies pock. A selection of avocado, greens, capsicum, mushroom, tofu, and many more.

Tender Chicken Sushi Pack

A selection of customers favourite chicken sushi. A variety of chicken Karragee, chicken Katsu, Teriyaki chicken, and many more.

Party Platter

Chef's selection of a range of small, medium, and large sushi pieces. Your choice of size.

Heavenly Salmon Lover Pack

A variety of fresh salmon, salmon teriyaki, smoked salmon, and seared and sauced salmon.

Classic Seafood Pack

When it comes to sushi, some only swear by seafood! A selection of fresh salmon, tuna, prawn, and scallops.

Gluten Free Sushi Pack

A variety of gluten-free pieces such as fresh salmon, tuna, salmon and avocado, spicy prawn, salmon, crab, and many more.

Gluten free