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Thar and Feather

Thar and Feather Restaurant. Great Southern comfort food for the soul!

410 Elles Rd, Kew, Invercargill 9812
4:30pm - 9:40pm
03-216 8094
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Main Menu

Available from 4:30pm to 9:40pm

Entrée & Light Meals

Thar & Feather's Famous Smokehouse

These dishes are for lovers of fragrantly smoked foods. They are lightly smoked with Red Beech chips after being rubbed in our own special mix of spices. They are then roasted in our famous sweet and sticky BBQ sauce to ensure tender meat that will fall off the bone.

Deluxe Burgers

Served with beer-battered fries and tomato sauce.

Hearty Dinner Favourites

Southern Style Fried Chicken

Crisp and spicy coating w just enough heat to tickle your mouth. Served w creamy mash, seasonal salad, and a jug of peppercorn gravy on the side.


Each day we carefully prepare a choice cut for our daily roast. Served w seasonal roast vegetables and creamy mash potato w lashings of gravy.

Gluten free
Salmon Fillet

Fresh salmon fillet baked and topped w hollandaise, and resting on wilted greens. Served w twice baked bacon, and herb potatoes.

GF on request
Southern Seas Blue Cod

Succulent deep fried blue cod fillets. Served w beer-battered fries and a salad finished w a lemon caper aioli and lemon.

GF on request
Rosemary & Garlic Chicken Breast

A tender pan fried chicken breast seasoned w our own special rub mix. Topped w garlic rosemary crème fraiche. Served w fresh seasonal salad and twice baked potatoes flavoured w bacon and herbs. Choice of one or two breasts.

Lamb Shank

Braised in the oven w herb minted juice. Served w a garlic mash, and roast vegetable stack. Garnished w cherry tomatoes, and broccoli.

Gluten free
Ribeye Steak

The 250g steak is served w steak fries, rich mushroom sauce, side salad, and is cooked to how ever your heart desires. The rest speaks for itself!

Open Steak Sandwich

150g of rump steak cooked to your liking. Served on focaccia bread w crisp lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, topped w melted cheese, and a smokey barbecue sauce, served w fries.

GF on request
Smoked Chicken Fettucine

Smoked chicken pieces tossed w onion and bacon served in a garlic white wine cream sauce. Topped w parmesan cheese and a slice of fresh bread on the side.

Sausage, Bacon, Eggs & Chips

Just as it reads, a great filling meal.

Bangers & Mash

Big beef sausages served w creamy mash, peas, and finished w a rich onion gravy.

GF on request

Toasted focaccia bread w streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato, and finished w a homemade mayo. Served with fries.

Mexican Nachos

A savoury flavoured mince and bean mix, served on seasoned corn chips topped w melted cheese, sour cream, and tomato salsa.

Gluten free



Little People Menu

Kid's menu.