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Thai Villa Restaurant

Whanganui's famous Thai house bring you all the classics with unreal flavours!

7 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui 4500
4:40pm - 9:20pm
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Money Bags

4 pcs, minced pork, peanuts, wrapped in spring roll sheet, served w sweet plum sauce.

Spring Rolls

Vegetarian filling, 4 pcs.

Curry Puffs

Vegetarian filling, 4 pcs.

Deep Fried Wontons

4 pcs, minced chicken filling.

Chicken Satay

4 sticks, grilled chicken breast w satay sauce.

Thai Roti Bread

8 small pcs, served w satay sauce.

Mixed Entree (2 ppl)

2 pcs each of money bags, spring rolls, curry puffs, seep fried wonton, and prawn fingers.

Prawn Fingers

4 pcs.

Pork Spare Ribs

Deep fried, marinated in Thai style sauce.

Steamed Wontons

4 pieces, prawn and pork meat.

Crispy Chicken Wings

6 pcs.

Stir Fried Vegetables & Cashew Nuts

Our most popular stir fried dish, w broccoli, cauli, carrots, capsicum, onion and mushrooms.

Sweet & Sour

Battered Thai style meats, stir fried w pineapple, onions, cauli, tomatoes and cucumber in our home made sweet and sour sauce.

Basil (ผัดกระเพา)

The most popular stir fried dish in Thailand, w fresh basil leaves, green beans, onions, carrots and mushrooms.

Garlic & Pepper

Battered meats in special garlic sauce w onions, carrots, pak choi, mushrooms and capsicum.

Oyster Sauce

Stir fried onions, pak choi, broccoli, cauli, mushrooms and capsicum in an oyster sauce.

Chilli Paste

Stir fried onions, capsicum, bamboo shoots, green beans, cauli and mushrooms in a red curry paste. Topped w coconut cream and lime leaves.


Our healthiest stir fried dish w onions, mushrooms, red capsicum, broccoli, cauli, and ginger strips.

Choo Chee

Battered prawns or scallops stir fried on vegetables and topped w creamy red curry sauce.

Salt & Black Pepper w Prawns

Battered prawns on stir fried vegetables. Topped w black pepper sauce.

Satay Sauce Stir Fried

Stir fried vegetables in satay sauce.