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Thai Orchid

Thai Orchid showcases the best of what Thailand has to offer!

435 Grey St, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216
11:30am - 1:40pm 5:00pm - 9:30pm
07 856 7751
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A1 Spring Rolls

Thai style rolls served w Thai Orchid homemade sauce.

A2 Fish Cakes

Mixed fish patties w spices & Thai herbs, deep fried and served w sweet chilli sauce.

A3 Deep Fried Prawns

Crumbed prawns, deep fried and served w chilli sauce.

A4 Pork Spare Ribs

Thai style marinated pork spare ribs.

A5 Curry Puffs

Minced chicken, sweet potato, onion, and yellow curry wrapped in puff pastry. Deep fried and served w sweet chilli sauce.

A6 Chicken Satay

Popular all over Thailand. Skewer of grilled chicken served w sweet peanut sauce.

A7 Angel Wing

Boneless chicken wing stuffed w minced chicken, herbs, and spices. Served w sweet chilli sauce.

A8 Tofu & Satay

A9 Tempura Vegetables

A11 Thai Deep Fried Chicken

A10 Roti with Satay Sauce

C1 Green Curry

Delightful green curry cooked w coconut milk, beans, mixed vegetables, kaffir lime leaves, and sliced bamboo shoots. Your choice of meat.

C2 Red Curry

Thai red curry paste cooked w cauliflowers, sliced bamboo shoots, mixed vegetables, kaffir lime leaves, and coconut milk.

C3 Yellow Curry

Cooked w potato, carrot, and onion in coconut milk. Sprinkled w roasted shallots.

C4 Royal Panaeng: Sweet Peanut Curry

Our most popular curry: Selected from the Royal Thai Cuisine recipe. A thick and creamy sauce cooked w your choice of meat, mixed vegetables, and coconut milk. Sprinkled w kaffir lime leaves.

C5 Evil Jungle Prince

Traditionally spicy curry w fresh Thai herbs and vegetables. Famous dish from the northern part of Thailand. Not made w coconut milk.

C6 Pineapple Curry Prawn

Spicy King Prawn cooked in red curry paste w pineapples and mushrooms in coconut milk.

C7 Masaman Curry

Ancient Royal Thai curry cooked w roasted peanuts, potato, pumpkin, and onion. Cooked in coconut milk. Your choice of meat.

C8 Lamb Massa Man

Slow cooked.

M1 Stir Fried Cashew Nut: Pad Med Mamuang

Stir fried meat w onion, vegetables, and cashew nuts.

M2 Stir Fried with Oyster Sauce

Stir fried seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce.

M3 Sweet and Sour Stir Fried

Stir fried pineapple, onion, carrot, tomato, mushroom, and cucumber. Cooked in Thai sweet and sour sauce.

M4 Fresh Ginger Stir Fried

Stir fried ginger, mushroom, onion, broccoli, and capsicum. Cooked in a mixed Thai sauce.

M5 Sweet Basil Stir Fried

Stir fried sweet basil paste w sliced bamboo shoots, courgette, and seasonal vegetables. Cooked w a little bit of coconut milk.

M6 Pepper & Garlic Stir Fried

A popular sizzling meat or seafood of your choice in pepper and garlic sauce. Topped w coriander. Served on a base of steamed vegetables.

M7 Chilli Garlic Stir Fried

Stir fried seasonal vegetables w your choice of meat in chilli garlic sauce.

M8 Black Bean Sauce Stir Fried: Pad Tua Dum

Your choice of meat or seafood stir fried w seasonal vegetables, in a delicious black bean sauce.

M9 Red Chilli Paste Stir Fried: Pad Ped

Stir fried red chilli paste w bamboo shoots, green pepper corn, krachai, onion, cauliflower, courgette, carrot, and kaffir lime leaves.

M10 Choo-Chee Fish or Prawn

King Prawn or fish fillet cooked in a mild curry paste. Served on a base of steaming vegetables.

M13 Honey Lemon Chicken

Famous marinated chicken deep fried and topped w honey lemon sauce.

R1 Pad Thai

Traditional Thai noodles cooked in tamarind sauce w vegetables, egg, bean sprouts, and roasted crushed nuts.

R2 Drunken Noodles

Spicy thick noodles cooked in chilli and sweet basil paste, vegetables, and fresh Thai herbs.

R3 Pad See Ew

Pan fried noodles w vegetables and egg. Cooked in soya sauce.

R4 Mee Goorang

Pan fried egg noodles w sweet soy sauce, egg, vegetables, bean sprouts, spring onion, and seasonal vegetables. Topped w omelette.

R5 Thai Orchid Fried Rice

Thai Orchid fried rice w egg and seasonal vegetables.

R6 Sweet Basil Fried Rice

Fried rice w egg and seasonal vegetables. Cooked in basil paste.

R7 Nasi Fried Rice

Fried rice w egg, pineapple, and vegetables. Cooked in yellow curry powder w cashew nuts.

R8 Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried rice w pineapple, sultanas, egg, and vegetables. Topped w cashew nuts.