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Thai Lotus (Taradale) is currently closed.

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Thai Lotus (Taradale)

A varied menu of Thai delicacies, including stir-fries & soups, a Taradale staple!

275 Gloucester Street, Taradale, Napier 4112
5:10pm - 9:20pm
06-844 2760
Currently Closed

Thai Lotus (Taradale) is currently closed... Check back again later

1.Goong Hom Sa-Bai

Prawns & minced pork wrapped in rice pastry then deep-fried.

2.Spring Rolls

Vermicilli noodles together with shredded cabbage,celery and carrots wrapped in rice pastry then deep fried.

3.Curry Puffs

Parcels of marinated chicken, potato, onion and yellow curry powder wrapped in puff pastry then deep fried.

4.Lotus Tofu

Mince chicken mixed with tofu,tapioca starch then deep fried.

5.Tod Mon Pla

Cakes of minced fish,egg,chilli paste,green beans and Thai herbs.

Gluten free
6.Stuffed Mushroom

Mushrooms stuffed with minced pork, floured, then deep fried.

7.Hoi Gra Tiem

Stir fried mussels topped with garlic sauce and spring onion.

8.Satay Gai

Marinated and grilled chicken. Served with delicious peanut sauce.

9.Satay Goong

Grilled marinated prawn served with peanut sauce

Gluten free
10.Goong Tod

Prawns coated with breadcrumbs then deep fried.

11.Mixed Entrées

Collection of a curry puff,a spring roll, a stuffed mushroom, a fish cake and a prawn sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

12.Roti Bread

45.Honey duck

Roast Duck topped with honey and special sauce and vegetables.

46.Lamb Gata

Slices of lamb stir fried in the special sauce and vegetables.

47.Lotus Beef

Marinated rump steak deep fried in the chef’s special batter and mixed vegetables.

48.Yummy chicken

Stir fried chicken breast with special curry paste chef’s sauce,Thai herbs, whole fresh pepper, cashew nuts and vegetables.

49. (Sizzling Seafood)

Sizzling stir fried Seafood with special sauce and vegetables.

50.(Sizzling Beef)

Sizzling stir fried beef with special sauce and vegetables.

51.Moo Grob

Crispy pork with thick curry, crushed peanut and vegetables.

52.Choo Chee

Choice of prawns,squid or fish fillet cooked with red curry paste, coconut cream, Thai herbs and vegetables.

53.Ho Mork- Lotus Blossum

Mixed seafood stir fried with red curry paste, egg, coconut cream and vegetables.

Gluten free