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Thai Chef's

Award-winning, authentic Thai food served to a very high standard. Thai Chefs is one of Christchurch’s most popular Thai restaurants.

1 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011
12:40pm - 2:20pm 5:30pm - 9:50pm
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Mixed Entree (1 person)

Kraree puff, rock and roll, tiger prawn roll, and sleepy pig in bed. Served w Thai sweet chili sauce.

Rock & Roll (A4)

Thai style spring rolls filled w vermicelli, cabbage, carrot, and celery. Served w Thai sweet chili sauce.

Rice Paper Rolls (A8)

Grilled marinated pork, wrapped in rice paper w lettuce, carrot, and cucumber, Served w homemade dressing.

Sleepy Pig in Bed (A7)

Marinated minced pork and herbs on toast. Served w Thai sweet chili sauce.

Prawn Cakes (A12)

Tasty minced king prawns w coriander. Coated w world famous panko breadcrumbs. Served w plum sauce.

Thai Dim Sim (A5)

A Thai interpretation of the Chinese dish. Steamed minced pork, marinated w water chestnuts, and shiitake mushrooms. Wrapped in a thin pastry. Served w homemade dipping sauce, and crispy garlic.

Satay Skewers

Grilled skewers of marinated chicken. Served w peanut sauce (3pc).

No Moon Tonight (A11)

Crispy moon shaped delight filled w our secret marinated minced prawn. Blended w spices, sesame seeds, and coriander. Served w plum sauce.

Tom Kha (Entrée)

Creamy coconut soup w lemon juice, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, and kaffir leaves. Served w your choice of meat, or vegetables.

Tom Yum (Entrée)

With a unique spicy and sour flavour, this is one of Thailand's most popular dishes. Simmered lemon juice, lemongrass, fresh chilies, herbs, mushrooms, and coriander. Served w your choice of meat, or vegetables.

Kraree Puff (A1)

Thai puff w curry spices, minced chicken, and mashed potato stuffing. Served w Thai sweet chili sauce.

The 3 Alcoholics (F1)

A combination of three types of meat w secret sauce, mixed herbs, fresh chili, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, and capsicum.

Holy Basil (F2)

Holy basil, chili paste, garlic, green beans, bamboo shoots, and capsicum. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

Sexy Little Duck (F11)

Roasted duck w our homemade chili paste, green beans, leeks, courgettes, capsicum, and shredded kaffir leaves.

Pad Ped Thai Chef's (F6)

Our special branded spicy sauce, Thai chili paste, plentiful herbs, leek, capsicum, bamboo chew, and courgette. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

The Ginger (F9)

Stir-fried w ginger, our yummy soybean paste, green vegetables, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

Vege Wok (F12)

Tossed bok choy, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, leeks, and oyster sauce. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

Sweet Honey (F10)

Sauteed in honey-lemon flavoured sauce, w pineapple chunks, carrots, onions, capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, and spring onions. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

Lady Bacardi (F5)

A special creation from our naughty, sexy chef. Hot and spicy of course. Sauteed meat w homemade chili paste, and coconut cream. The perfect dish to heat up for a good, long night. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables. VERY HOT!

Ped Med Mamuang - The Cashew Nut (F7)

Thai style, stir-fried w our homemade sauce, seasonal vegetables, onions, spring onions, and cashew nuts. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

Spice Girl (F4)

She's a sexy girl! Tossed fresh chili, garlic, onions, capsicum, and seasonal vegetables. Served w your choice of meat, tofu, or vegetables.

Three Kings (SP4)

Scallops, squid, and fish fillets. With ginger, spring onion, lemon rind, and coriander. Sauteed w our special sauce to create a medium spicy, and slightly sour taste for your lips!. A perfect combination of flavours.

The Ocean Volcano (SP9)

A mixed steamed seafood dish. Prawns, squid, fish fillets, and scallops. With a mild curry paste, herbs, spices, and vegetables. Served w sparkling flame.

Sweet Chilli Fish (SP1)

Crispy fish fillets served w our special sauce consisting of tomatoes, spring onions, ginger, and mushrooms.

Herbal Fish (SP3)

Crispy fish fillets topped w extraordinary homemade herbal sauces. This is a famous Thai, fish lovers dish.

Bangkok Showtime (SP8)

A mixed seafood dish consisting of prawns, squid, fish fillets, and scallops. Sizzled in Thai whiskey and tomato sauce, w pineapple chunks, cashew nuts, and vegetables.

Naughty Pig (SP12)

Crispy pork w green curry paste, Thai herbs, peppercorns, broccoli, cauliflower, and courgettes.

Mr Bean in Bangkok (SM6)

Sauteed green beans and crispy pork belly, w homemade chili paste, and kaffir lime leaves.

Famous Chick (SM3)

A Kiwi favourite! Famous for its "young and tender" chicken.

Crispy Chicken (SM5)

Chicken strips lightly coated w breadcrumbs. Stir-fried in a medium spicy chili sauce, carrots, onions, capsicums, green beans, and courgettes.

Lamb Yum Yum (SP6)

A special dish for lamb lovers. Stir-fried lamb w chili paste, Thai herbs, courgettes, cauliflowers, and capsicum.

Tropical Paradise

Stir-fried chicken served in our special tropical sauce w Thai herbs, young coconut meat, broccoli, and carrots.

Phuket Island (SP10)

Another rice dish. Chicken, prawns, squid, shitake mushrooms and vegetables. Served w Thai whiskey sauce, and wrapped in steamed cabbage.