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Takara Japanese Restaurant

Authentic Japanese cuisine in Tauranga. Takara is happiness!

97 The Strand, Tauranga 3110
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07-579 4177
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Blanched young soy bean.


Grilled chicken skewers. Served w leek salad.

Karaage Chicken

Lightly battered chicken. Served w spicy salad.

Agedashi Tofu

Lighty battered skimmed tofu. Served w dashi sauce and daikon orosi.


Octopus balls. Served w katsu sauce and fish flakes.

Yaki Gyoza (Dumplings)

Pork, cabbage, and chive gyoza. Served w chilli soy sauce.

Age Squid

Light battered squid w squid soy mayo.

Soft Shelled Crab

Lightly battered soft shell crab. Served w iceberg salad and bang bang sauce.

Tako Wasabi Salad

Wasabi octopus w ice berg salad.

Sunomono (Sea Food Salad)

Fresh sea food served w home made ponzu sauce.

Mussel Sakamushi

NZ green mussels w sake, butter, and garlic.