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Taco Medic (Searle Lane)

Taco Medic's menu is designed to be a culinary celebration of healthy, fresh ingredients that nourish our guests, respect the planet and inspire change. Proudly 100% gluten free!

3 Searle Lane, Queenstown 9300
12:20pm - 8:40pm
03-442 8174
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Main Menu

Available from 12:20pm to 8:40pm

Mixed Tacos

Choose a variation of fresh flavours to feed the whanau.

Party Packs

Single Filling Tacos

Choose 3 or 4 tacos in one flavour.

Ken Tuckyman

Escondido spiced free range fried chicken, green cabbage, traditional tomato salsa, mango chunks, chipotle mayonnaise and coriander.


6 hour slow braised free farmed pork, marinated in family manuka honey, green cabbage, crisp apple, sweet onion reduction, crackling crumble and coriander.


12 hour slow braised beef, marinated in chipotle and lemon, red cabbage, chipotle sour cream, lemon pickled onions and coriander.


Oaxacan spice rubbed, seared fish of the day, red cabbage, citrus tartare, lemon pickled onions and coriander.


Baja-style fried fish of the day, green cabbage, special baja sauce, traditional tomato salsa, fresh lime and coriander.


Lime and chilli marinated seared prawns, red cabbage, zesty family manuka honey dressing, jalapeño pickled radish and coriander.


Slow cooked garlic and thyme black beans, sweet roasted kumara, red cabbage, feta cheese, lemon pickled onions and coriander.

Vegan on request

Maria’s special walnut and pepita fried cutlet, green cabbage, avocado vegan mayonnaise, traditional tomato salsa, nacho sauce and coriander.


Raw broccoli and tofu salad, red cabbage, creamy vegan herb mayonnaise, dried cranberries, hemp hearts, jalapeño pickled radish and coriander.


Pulled free range chicken, slow cooked in a rich homemade smoky adobo gravy, creamy jalapeño sauce, pineapple salsa, coriander.


Al Pastor

Manuka honey, coriander and lime chopped free farmed pork, slow cooked and serve traditionally with lime, pineapple salsa, coriander.