Becoming A Delivery Driver

Will I be an employee?

You’ll be operating as a self-employed contractor, giving you the flexibility to choose your own shifts.

It’s perfect work to fit around any other commitments you have; whether it be another job, study, or your social life.

What does the job involve?

Picking up orders from restaurants and delivering the delicious food to our hungry customers.

What kind of licence do I need?

You'll need a valid licence to drive your vehicle alone. This means that a restricted licence is the minimum for a scooter, or car. A motorbike learner licence is the minimum for a motorbike, or high cc scooter.

Curfews are not an issue – you will have plenty of time to get home before your curfew at the end of your shifts.

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need to use your own vehicle and smartphone. But we’ll provide everything else you need to get started, including hot bags, a hot box, and a Delivereasy hi-vis jacket.

What kind of vehicle do I need?

You'll need a scooter, motorcycle or car.

How can I sign up to become a restaurant delivery driver?

You can apply to become a restaurant delivery driver on Trade Me. Simply search for Delivereasy and select the city you’re available to deliver in.

What kind of visa do I need?

You will need New Zealand residency or a valid New Zealand work visa. Work visas need to have the option to work as a contractor.

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