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Speight's Ale House

Speights Ale House brings a selection of local quality, hearty, southern fare.

38 Dee St, Invercargill, 9810
11:30am - 4:20pm 5:10pm - 8:20pm
03 214 5333
Currently Closed

Speight's Ale House is currently closed... Check back again later

The Roaring Stag

Juniper and rosemary rubbed venison leg, pan seared and oven baked to medium rare. Served on a baked kumara stack w a red wine poached pear, green beans, a parmesan crisp, and a peppered port reduction.

Pork Belly

Twice cooked pork belly stuffed w crystallized ginger, pear and sage. Served on creamy mashed potato w pan roasted carrots, parsnips and asparagus and finished w a cider and five spice jus.

Lamb Shanks

Slow cooked lamb shank. Served w seasonal steamed veg and fresh herbs. Includes a side of mash and gravy.

Oven Baked Salmon

Oven baked salmon, served with parmesan and rosemary roasted potato, brocolini, roasted tomato and lemon and fennel compound butter.

Munro Lamb

Lamb leg, pan seared, finished in the oven to medium rare. Served resting on kumara and nutmeg mash w wilted greens, roasted tomato, baby beets, and garlic, finished w a red wine jus, blue cheese, and walnut crumb.

Chicken Parcels

Roast chicken, bacon, red onion, and sun dried tomato folded through cream cheese and wrapped in filo pastry. Baked until golden and crisp, topped w peach and mango chutney. Served on fries w a garden salad.

Highlander Roast Pork

Succulent roast pork. Served w roasted potatoes, pumpkin, and kumara, steamed carrots and peas, Speight’s Porter gravy, apple sauce, and crackling.

Good Old Bangers & Mash

Gourmet sausages. Served on creamy mashed potatoes with peas, onion rings and Speights in house gravy.

Portobello Mushroom

Portobello mushrooms stuffed w spinach, sundried tomatoes, and hummus, then wrapped in flaky pastry and baked till golden. Served on an oven baked kumara stack w a garden salad and finished w a balsamic reduction.

Blue & Gold

Blue cod fillets coated in a Speight’s Summit batter and cooked till golden. Served on fries w a garden salad and tartare sauce.

Pig Hunters Ribs (main)

Slow cooked pork ribs smothered in a rich hoisin and sesame sauce, stacked on fries. Served w a garden salad.


Creamy Garlic Sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Mushroom sauce


Side of Wedges

Eggs x 2

Mash & Gravy


Sweet Chilli BBQ sauce

Side of Beer Battered fries

Side Salad

Sour Cream

Side Vegetables

Beer Battered Onion rings

Side of Fries

Tartare Sauce