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Sal's Pizza Cuba Street

Authentic NY style pizza, made with the best imported and local ingredients.

109 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011
11:40am - 9:20pm
The Perfect Union + 4 Knots (for 4-6 pizza lovers)

Sal's presents our most scrum-ptious steal of a deal yet, The Perfect Union... a Pepperoni pizza and a Cheese pizza for $69! "The Must Try" - it's a game changer!

Half Pepperoni & Half Buffalo + 8 Knots (for 4 pizza lovers)

Half Pepperoni & Half Buffalo Pizza and 8 Knots.

Half Cheese Pizza + 4 Knots (for 2 pizza lovers)

Half Cheese Pizza and 4 garlic knots.

Cheese Pizza + 4 Knots (for 4 pizza lovers)

1 Cheese Pizza and 4 garlic knots.

Pepperoni Pizza + 8 Knots (for 4 pizza lovers)

Pepperoni Pizza and 8 garlic knots.

All-Star Combo (for 6-10 pizza lovers)

1 Nonna Pizza, 1 Cheese Pizza and 1 Pepperoni Pizza.

Wings n' Things (for 4-5 pizza lovers)

1 Nonna Pizza, 1 Buffalo Wings and 4 garlic knots.

Nonna Pizza + 9 Knots (for 4 pizza lovers)

1 Nonna pizza and 9 garlic knots.

2 Pepperoni Pizzas + 16 Knots (for 4-6 pizza lovers)

2 Pepperoni Pizzas and 16 garlic knots.

Half Cheese

Sal's legendary sauce and premium Wisconsin mozzarella.

Half Pepperoni

Famous New York pepperoni.

Half Meatball

Thinly sliced meatball.

Half Sausage

Free range Italian sausage

Half Veggie

Fresh cut capsicum and mushroom.

Half Chicken & Fresh Tomato

Breaded free range chicken breast and fresh tomato.

Half Nonna

Marinara sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil. Twice baked w fresh garlic and EVOO.

Half Buffalo Chicken

Breaded free range chicken breast, blue cheese, and classic buffalo sauce.

Half Manhattan

Famous New York pepperoni and mushroom.

Half Bronx

Free range Italian sausage and capsicum.

Half Staten

Vegan. Sal's marinara sauce, fresh cut capsicum, mushroom, olives, and onions.

Half Brooklyn

Trio of our specialty pepperoni, sausage, and meatball.

Half Fire Island

Famous New York pepperoni and jalapeƱos.

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