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Piku is an Izakaya (gastropub) style Japanese Restaurant.

11:10am - 2:20pm 5:10pm - 8:50pm
06 877 9400
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Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls

Served w sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Vegan on request
Fresh Prawn Spring Rolls

Served w ebi prawn, vermicelli noodles, mint, peanuts, and seasonal fresh vegetables, all rolled in soft rice paper. Served w hoisin dipping sauce.

Gluten free
Salmon Maki Roll

Premium 'Ora' king salmon and avocado maki roll. Served w fresh dill kewpie mayo.

Gluten free
Spicy Tuna Roll

Fijian caught Big Eye Tuna marinated our in house made spicy sauce, served w wakame.

Gluten free
Rainbow Roll

The Sushi roll of Kings! All four of our fresh fish combined w avocado, cucumber, and tobiko.

Gluten free
Volcano Roll

Tempura prawn and avocado maki rolled in tempura crunchies, dressed w Teriyaki sauce and erupting with spicy tuna.

Takuan & Kampyo Roll

Fresh cucumber, capsicum, and avocado combined w pickled daikon and gourd.

Gluten free
Feeling Crabby Roll

Crab leg meat, cucumber, and avocado. Dressed w sweet mayo and tobiko.

Island Paradise Roll

Ebi prawn, mango, avocado, and unagi sauce. Rolled in caramelised cashews and toasted coconut.