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Mirch Masala

A magnificent blend of popular street style dishes, to some of our very own dishes created here in the kitchen. Mirch Masala is not your average Indian Restaurant!

Shop A, 66 Shotover Street, Queenstown
5:10pm - 10:20pm
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Murg Lababdar

Charcoal grilled tender chicken, tomato sauce, fenugreek.

Lazeez Meat / Murg

Tender lamb / chicken pieces in a saffron and cardamom flavoured creamy cashew sauce.

Hiraln Lal Maans

8 hour slow-cooked venison, Rajasthan spices. A must have Rajasthani curry.

Goat Curry

Homestyle on the bone goat preparation. Delightful Indian.

Lamb Chop Masala

Tandoor grilled Southland lamb chops, cooked delicately with freshly ground spices and herbs in a thick masala sauce.

Pork Belly Vinha D’ Alhos

Commonly known as vindaloo, slow-cooked pork belly in a tongue-tickling spicy sauce from Goa.

Nalli Nihari

Slow cooked lamb shank in an extremely flavourful gravy made from a melange of spices, aromatics and yogurt till the meat falls off the bone - served with pulao rice.

Awadhi Batakh

A homage to the chefs of the kitchens in the courts of Awadh – duck leg marinated overnight and cooked to perfection in cardamom, spices, ghee and yogurt. Served with pulao rice.

Hare Pyaz Ka Jheenga

A delicacy from Punjab – prawns finished with fresh spring onions, spices and cream.

Coastal Prawn Curry

South Indian style prawn curry, curry leaves, coconut milk.

Konkani Fish Curry

Catch of the Day simmered with coconut cream, red chilli, garlic, curry leaves, herbs and spices.

Lamb Shank Pulao

Our house Biryani. Served with Raita.

Aloo Baingan Tamatar

Potatoes, aubergine & tomatoes cooked together with herbs & spices.

Paneer Lababdar

Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a rich creamy gravy tempered with Peshawari spices.

Kathal Ki Subzi

Jackfruit cooked with thick and tasty masala sauce.

Hare Pyaz Ka Paneer

Paneer delicacy from Punjab, finished with fresh spring onion, spices and cream.

Lahsuni Dal Palak / Yellow Dal Tadka

Yellow dal flavoured with garlic and spinach / cumin, red chilli tadka.

Dal Bukhara

Black lentils simmered over 24 hours for a dark, rich, deep flavour.

Jackfruit Biryani

Delicious savoury jackfruit and delicately saffroned rice, potted and cooked to perfection with mint, coriander and spices.

Baingan Ka Bharta

A north Indian delicacy of aubergine charred in tandoor, cooked with onion, tomatoes, spices and herbs.