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Lush Cafe

64 Gill Street, New Plymouth 4310
9:50am - 8:20pm
06-759 2050
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Cajun Chicken & Bacon Salad

Marinated chicken, streaky bacon, home made salad, honey mustard and aioli.

Gluten free
Beer Battered Fries

Served w home made aioli and tomato sauce.

Lush Wedges

Bacon, cheese, tomato relish and sour cream.

Open Steak Sandwich

180g silver fern sirloin steak w home made salad, fried egg, chilly jam and aioli served on toasted ciabatta.

Open Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Home made salad, caramelised onions and aioli topped w kumara crunch.

Classic Bacon & Egg Sandwich

Streaky bacon and fried egg on buttered white bread.

Elvis Sandwich

Lush hash brown, streaky bacon, fried egg, aioli, tomato sauce, house made hollandaise on buttered white bread.

Baked New York Cheesecake

Heated Bowl Salad