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Kuku Restaurant

For a fusion of Kiwi and South African tastes and a family-friendly atmosphere!

27A Blenheim Street, Maidstone, Upper Hutt 5018
11:30am - 8:50pm
04 528 8281
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Snack Platter

Samosas, chicken nibbles, arancini balls, prawn twisters, salt ‘n pepper squid, and fries.


Crispy French-fried potato chips

Loaded Fries

Crispy French-fried potato chips loaded with cheese and bacon.

Chilli Fries

Crispy French-fried potato chips drizzled with buffalo wing sauce, and served with blue cheese aioli.


Crispy wedges with sour cream.

Garlic Bread

Your choice of plain, cheesy or cheesy jalapeno garlic bread.

Salt 'n Pepper Squid

Salt and pepper battered squid pieces with lemon pepper aioli.

Arancini Balls

Roasted butternut and feta arancini balls with a tomato dipping sauce.

Keto Salad 

Bacon, chicken, and avocado on a spinach base with roasted cashews.

GF on request
Dairy free on request

Your choice of filling.

Vegetarian on request