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Fun Buns

Fun Buns specialises in hand made Bao buns and other street foods to share while you enjoy them!

300 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings 4122
4:40pm - 8:40pm
06-650 0185
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Main Menu

Available from 4:40pm to 8:40pm

Steamed Buns

Sharing Plates

Korean Cheesy Corn

Charred sweetcorn kernels, cheese, mayo, bacon, and bulgogi sauce.

Gluten free
Tandoori Loaded Fries

Tandoori sauce and banana sauce.

Gluten free
Spicy Beef Shin & Asian Greens

17 hour slow cooked beef shin, seasonal greens, gotchujang glaze, and mayo.

Spicy Soy & Spicy Radish Cakes

Think hash browns but better w more flavour!!!

Thai Green Fried Dumplings

Potato, onion, pea, chilli, and thai green curry sauce.

Chinese Fried Chicken w Black Tea Szechuan Sauce

Black tea and soy brined chicken, crumbed and fried then topped w black tea mayo

Chinese Fried Chicken w Black Tea Mayo

Black Tea and soy brined chicken, crumbed and fried.

“Summer Roll” Salad

Cucumber, carrot, prawns, rice noodles, peanuts, herbs, and Nam Jim sauce.

Chicken & Mushroom Dumplings

Steamed dumplings and tangy dipping sauce.

Gluten free
Smashed Cucumber Salad

Sesame and ginger dressing, smashed cucumber, tomato, bean sprouts, cabbage, and fried shallots.

Vegetarian & Vegan Buns

Vegetarian & Vegan Sharing Plates