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Fat Camel Cafe

Fat Camel Cafe for the best food in Whangarei.

12 Quality St, Whangarei 0110
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09 438 0831
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Fat Camel Cafe is currently closed... Check back again later

Fat Camel Mezze Plater

A mezze platter w hummus, baba ghanoush dips, a selection of tasty pickles, stuffed vine leaf dolmades, feta cheese, and a side of warm pita bread.

Mixed Salad Platter

A selection of fat camels fresh tasty salads, beetroot, tabouleh, cabbage, beans, carrots, hummus, and a selection of our sauces.

Baba Ghanoush Dip

A Middle Eastern favourite. Baba ghanoush is a roasted eggplant blended w Tahina and seasoned to taste. Served w chilli, sauces, and warm pita bread for dipping and eating the traditional way.


Labaneh is a soft white cheese staple to the diet of most Eastern countries. Its distinctive sour flavour is a result of the yoghurt straining process it's put through. Made in house, our labaneh is served w olive oil, zarta dipping spices, olives, homemade chili sauce, and warm pita bread.

Pickle Platter

A selection of pickles to tempt the appetite. Traditionally pickles are a staple companion of every meal.

Potato Fries

Crispy french fries served w aioli and tomato sauce.


You can't travel far in Jerusalem without stumbling across trays and trays of sweet moist baklawa. Layers of filo pastry and nuts held together w a sweet sauce. Served at room temperature.

Baklawa & Ice-Cream

Nuts and filo pastry layered together w sweet rose syrup to create this traditional dessert slice served hot w ice-cream.

Turkish Delight

These heavily little rose flavoured morsels really are the perfect accompaniment to an Israeli coffee. Available as a single item or in an 8 pack. Delight your taste buds.

Gluten free
Dairy free
Chocolate Brownie

Rich dark chocolate and coconut brownie, served warm w cream.

Blueberry & Almond Cake

The best gluten-free cake you'll ever try, tasty and moist; w berries and almonds. Served w cream or yoghurt.

Gluten free
Carrot Cake

Scrumptious little carrot cake topped w a tangi cream cheese icing and dried fruit. Served w a choice of yoghurt or cream.

Ginger Crunch

The largest serving of ginger crunch in town, spicy and sweet.

Sticky Date Pudding

A light and fluffy sticky date pudding served w a caramel sauce and cream.