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Curry Guru - The Malabar Kitchen

Curry Guru brings the taste of India to Invercargill!

356 Tay Street, Richmond, Invercargill 9810
11:40am - 2:00pm 4:40pm - 9:00pm
03-217 5121
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Combo Offer

Available from 11:40am to 9:00pm

Banquet for 2 All Day Deal

2 Large Curries, 2 Garlic Naan, 2 pcs Chicken Tikka Kebab, and 2 pcs Seekh Kebab.

Combo Deal

Regular curry of your choice, plain naan, drink (coke/pepsi 330ml).

Main Menu

Available from 12:00pm to 9:00pm


1. Fried Chicken Wings

Deep fried chicken wings w South Indian special herbs. (3 pce)

1B. Chicken Lollipop

Hot and saucy fried chicken. Served spicy only.

2. Chicken Tikka Kebab

(3 pce)

2A. Tandoori Chicken

Tender spring chicken marinated w fresh herbs, spices and yoghurt. Cooke in the tandoor oven.

2B. Reshmi Kebab

Fillets of chicken marinated in yoghurt crushed cashews, ground spices, then cooked in the tandoor oven. (5 pce)

2C. Lamb Seekh Kebab

Minced lean lamb marinated overnight in a secret marinade and chargrilled in tandoor.

3. Vegetable Samosa

Deep fried fried pastry w savoury filling, spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils.

4. Squid Pakoda

Deep fried squid coated w rice powder, ginger and garlic paste flavoured with South Indian special herbs. (8 pce)

5. Vegetable Pakoda

Pieces of potatoes and cauliflower in chickpea flour batter and tamarind sauce.

5A. Aloo Pakoda

Potatoes fried batter in chickpea flour.

6. Onion Bhaji

Shredded onion and silverbeet battered in chickpea flour w garam masala. (3 pce)

7. Papadums

(6 pce)

8. Mix Platter

Two chicken wings, samosa, beef pakoda, onion baji. (For 2)

8B. Tandoor Platter

Two Malai tikka, two seekh kebab, 1/2 tandoor chicken.

Curry Specialities

9. Butter Chicken

Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and spice mixture and cooked in thick creamy tomato gravy and mixed w butter and other spices.

10. Korma

A very light, mild creamy curry w boneless chicken/lamb/beef.

11. Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chicken tikka kebeb pieces cooked in a masala curry of tomato, yoghurt and garam masala.

12. Madras

A coconut based creamy curry w boneless chicken/lamb/beef.

13. Mango Chicken

A very light creamy curry w mango juice.

14. Vindaloo

Boneless chicken/lamb/beef pieces cooked in a spicy, vinegar based curry w garam masala and paprika. (Served as hot spicy).

15. Lamb Rogan Josh

An aromatic curry that uses garam masala, paprika and a host of spices w diced lamb stewed in it. (Served as medium spicy)

16. Saagwala

Chicken/lamb/beef w fresh spinach paste, onion and tomato. A tasty, nutritious and healthy dish.

Seafood Specialities

All served as large size.

Chicken Specialties

All served as large size.

21. Chicken Curry

Traditional chicken dish in Kerala. Diced chicken cooked w onion, tomato, ginger and garlic in coconut milk and garnished with fried coconut and curry leaves.

22. Kadai Chicken

Chicken pieces cooked w a spicy masala paste, onions and tomatoes till they are well cooked, succulent and juicy.

23. Chicken Jalfrezi

Sliced onions, tomato and capsicum curry w a touch of cream.

24. Chicken Pasanda

A curry gravy made up of crushed almond and cashews and dry fruits w boneless chicken pieces cooked in it.

25. Chicken Afghani

Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a mild white curry sauce w a touch of yogurt.

26. Malabar Pepper Masala

Tender boneless chicken cooked in onion, black pepper w green peas, and curry leaves simmered to make it real thick gravy.

26A. Bhuna

Your choice of chicken lamb or beef. Meai cooked onion tomato gravy w Indian spices, finished w capsicum.

Lamb Specialties

All served as large size.

Beef Specialties

All served as large size.

Vegetable Specialties

All served as large size.

32. Vegetable Curry

Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked w spices, tomato & onion.

33. Dhal Makkani

Lentils cooked in a tomato, onions and cream.

34. Potato & Peas Masala

35. Paneer Butter Masala

Indian cottage cheese w tomato and butter in a mild thick cream.

36. Palak Paneer

Traditional Indian cottage cheese in a smooth spinach based curry.

36A. Aloo Saag

Potatoes cooked in lightly spiced spinach gravy.

36B. Aloo Gabi

Fresh garden cauliflower and potatoes cooked w onion and tomato gravy.

36C. Chenna Masala

Chickpea cooked in onion and tomato gravy.

36D. Yellow Dahl

Split yellow lentil cooked in onion, tomato and cumin.

36E. Vegetable Korma

A very light mild creamy curry w vegetables.

36F. Kadai Paneer

Home made cottage cheese cooked w green peas and herbs.

36G. Shahi Paneer

Home made cottage cheese cooked with creamy sauce.

Selection of Biriyanis

Basmati rice cooked in special stock, mixed with choice of meat/prawns/vegetable with fried onion, carrots, capsicum, coriander, herbs and authentic spices.

Breads & Others

42. Plain Naan

43. Garlic Naan

44. Cheese & Garlic Naan

Naan filled w Indian cottage cheese. Cooked in tandoori oven.

44A. Cheese & Chilli Naan

45. Chicken Naan

Naan filled w chicken. Cooked in the tandoori oven.

46. Kashmiri Naan

47. Keema Naan

Naan filled w keema. Cooked in the tandoori oven.

48. Malabari Porotta

(2 pcs)

49. Kothu Porotta

Porotta, egg, meat, and vegetables mixed w spices.

50. Raita

51. Hot Pickle

51A. Sweet Mango Chutney

52. Basmati Rice

52A. Coconut Rice

52B. Cumin Rice

53. Mango Lassi

Traditional Indian yoghurt mixed w fresh mango pulp.

53A. Summer Salad

Cucumber, tomato, onion, mints and coriander w fresh lime juice.



Available from 5:00pm to 9:00pm