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Chilli Dhaba

Chilli Dhaba serves authentic, traditional Indian cuisine.

5:20pm - 8:50pm
03-456 2615
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Main Menu

Available from 5:20pm to 8:50pm


Vege Samosa

Deep-fried flaky pastry, filled with mashed potatoes, peas and Indian spices. 2 per portion.

Onion Bhajis

Sliced onions in a homemade chickpea and rice flour batter and deep-fried to crispy golden yumminess. 3 per portion.

Vegetable Pakoras

Spinach, onion, potato in a homemade chickpea and rice flour batter, deep-fried. 3 per portion.

Paneer Tikki

Homemade paneer and potato, mixed with our fresh herbs and Indian spices. Crumbed and deep-fried. 5 per portion.

Chicken Tikka

Succulent boneless chicken in our homemade yoghurt based marinade, cooked in the tandoor. 5 per portion.

Tandooi Prawns

Tandoor Chicken (Half/Full)

Chicken on the bone in our homemade yoghurt based marinade, cooked in the tandoor to perfection.

Lamb Tikka

Tender lamb pieces cooked in our secret marinade, cooked in the tandoor. 5 per portion.

Platter for Two

Crunchy samosas, scrumptious onion bhajis, lamb lollipops, lamb tikka and chicken tikka.

Vegetarian Platter for Two

Crunchy samosas, yummy pakoras, scrumptious onion bhajis, paneer tikki and masala pappad.



All mains come served with one portion of soft, steaming basmati rice.

Butter Chicken

The classic family favourite. Tandoori chicken in a creamy sauce. Topped off with nuts.


A delicious dish known for its spicy and unique flavour. Meat or vegetable cooked in our colourful homemade capsicum curry.


A spectacular dish, made frying our special spices together on high heat to create a rich, intense flavoured dish.


A coconut cream based curry loaded with spices and capsicum. A must try!


A fiery and spicy dish for those fearless brave hearts whose tastebuds are up for a challenge! Vindaloo is loaded with homemade dried spices and peppers.


Made with fresh spinach, this is one mouthwatering curry! Cream and spices make up the curry base.

Vegetarian on request

One for the chilli fans! A spicy curry with coconut, curry leaves and spices.


A simple yet luxurious curry. Cream based and topped with almonds.

Tikka Masala

Another simple yet flavourful curry. Yoghurt based with deliciously cooked onions.

Lamb Rogan Josh

Slow-cooked lamb in a lovely mixture of herbs and spices.


Family Meals