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Cheeky Chapati

Cheeky Chapati is brought to you with a vision to share the culture, passion, and flavours of Indian cuisine.

350 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Auckland 0931
12:20pm - 9:20pm
09 427 6100
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Tandoori Chicken (with bones)

Marinated in traditional aromatic spices and Greek yogurt, grilled in tandoor.

Classic Chicken Tikka

Marinated in aromatic spices, cooked in a traditional tandoori oven served w refreshing mint chutney.

Basil-Mint Chicken Tikka

Love chicken tikka but want a twist in it? Then try this chicken tikka marinated in basil and mint.

Lamb Cutlets

Lamb chops roasted w Indian spices, lemon, ginger, garlic paste, and spices. Served w masala fries.

Malai Seekh Kebab

Marinated w ginger, garlic, and spices, then roasted and tossed w secret sauce.

Kerala Tandoori Fish

Marinated w coconut cream, mustard and carom seeds, curry leaves, hung yoghurt, ginger, garlic, and spices.

Tandoori King Prawns

Marinated w yoghurt ginger, garlic, and tandoori spices.

Pickled Paneer Tikka (Cottage Cheese)

Homemade pickled cottage cheese marinated in chef’s special spices, grilled w onions and capsicums in Tandoor.

Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom

Mushrooms stuffed w potatoes, onions, cheese and chef’s special spices, grilled in tandoor.

Classic Butter Chicken

All time favourite butter chicken.

Mughalai Chicken Korma

Chicken cooked in onion gravy w cashew paste, yoghurt, and spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken fillet roasted in clay oven and cooked w onion, capsicum, and spices.

Delhi Chicken

Bone-in chicken curry cooked in authentic Delhi style.

Kadahi Chicken

Cooked in thick gravy of onion, capsicum, and secret spices.

Cheeky Chicken

Chicken cooked w fenugreek, coriander, and spices in chef’s secret sauce.

Lamb Deccan

Cooked in coconut cream, onion gravy, cloves, cinnamon, curry leaves, and spices.

Lamb Bhuna

Cooked with thick chopped onion gravy, whole spices, ginger, garlic, and mango chutney.

Lamb Saag

Lamb cooked w onion, spinach, ginger, garlic, and garam masala.

Lamb Chop Masala

Lamb Cutlets cooked with herbs and spices in chef’s special masala gravy.

Kashmiri Ghosht

Tender Lamb cooked in onion gravy w Indian spices in an authentic way, medium spiced and full of flavour.

Punjabi Goat Curry

Goat meat on the bone cooked in authentic Indian-style herbs and spices.

Cheeky Goat

Goat meat on the bone cooked in coconut milk w cloves cinnamon cardamom and chillies.