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Burger Wisconsin (Mana) is currently closed.

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Burger Wisconsin (Mana)

We’ve been perfecting gourmet burgers since 1989. It’s all about flavour, super-fresh wholesome food, handmade from local ingredients.

4 Mana Esplanade, Paremata, Wellington 5026
Closed Today
04-233 9227
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Great American

Beef patty, kosher dill pickle, American mustard, double cheese, ketchup, salad, and mayo.


Angus beef w fresh avocado, free farmed bacon, salad, mayo, and relish.

BBQ Beef & Bacon

Beef patty, bacon, onion rings, cheddar, BBQ sauce, salad, mayo, and relish.

Kiwi Classic

Beef patty, bacon, egg, colby cheese, beetroot relish, salad, mayo, and relish.

Full Monty

Double Angus beef w free farmed bacon, melted cheddar, garlic mayo, salad, and relish.

GF on request
Wisconsin w Cheese

Beef patty, colby cheese, salad, mayo, and relish.

Beef & Blue Cheese

Beef patty, blue cheese sauce, caramelised onions, salad, and relish.

Petite Cheeseburger

Petite NZ Angus beef patty, colby cheese, salad, mayo, and relish. Served on a smaller bun.