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Tang Hamilton

Highest quality ingredients like fresh chicken and Nelson salmon make Bruce Lee Sushi Roll the best in town.

109 Ward St, Hamilton 3204
9:50am - 7:00pm
07 838 2587
Katsu Roll

Katsu chicken, avocado, teriyaki sauce, and mayonnaise.

Rainbow Roll

Surimi, avocado, salmon, prawn, and creamy wasabi sauce.

Salmon Roll

Surimi, avocado, salmon, and creamy wasabi sauce.

Eel Roll

Bbq eel, fried prawn, surimi, avocado, creamy sauce, bonito flakes, and masago.

Cream Cheese Lover Roll

Cream cheese, salmon, avocado, creamy wasabi sauce, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, and masago.

Tiger Roll

Fried prawn, cucumber, avocado, and mayonnaise.

Tuna Roll

Cucumber, surimi, can tuna, and wasabi mayonnaise.

Protein Body Builder Roll

Cucumber, avocado, surimi, can tuna, teriyaki chicken, bread crumbs, hot sauce, and wasabi mayonnaise.

California Roll

Cucumber, surimi, avocado, masago, and mayonnaise.

Tang Chicken Roll B

Cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki chicken, and mayonnaise. Spicy available.

Tang Chicken Roll A

Teriyaki chicken, avocado, cucumber, surimi, teriyaki sauce, and mayonnaise. Spicy available.

Vegetarian Roll

Cucumber, avocado, lettuce, capsicum, carrot, and mayonnaise.