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Bacon Buttie Station

Bacon Buttie Station is the big younger brother to the Bacon Buttie Man, whipping up the best bacon butties known to man!

12 Ward St, Dunedin, 9016
9:50am - 3:50pm
03 474 9133

Frankfurter and onions in a roll w t.sauce and mustard.

Swiss Dog

A 'Eurodog' w melted cheese.

Deluxe Dog

A 'Eurodog' w bacon

Big Dog

A 'Eurodog' w cheese and bacon.

Chip Buttie

Hot chips and onions in a roll with a choice of gravy or sauce in a toasted bun with bbq sauce.


Southern smoked pulled pork w a creamy ‘slaw in a toasted bun.

Rise & Swine

Bacon, egg, hash brown, cheese, and hollandaise in a toasted bun.

Roast Pork Sandwich

Roast pork, homemade gravy, and onions in a bread.

Wrapped Piggy

Crumbed Pork, bacon, egg, cheese and bbq sauce rolled in a mayo'd wrap.

Sausage Box

Three sausages and chips.

Bacon Buttie

Bacon, onions, relish, mustard, and t.sauce


Your choice of 8 different flavours, made with real ice cream.

V can

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Live + Can

Coke Can

Pump Water

Coke Range 600ml

Coke Range 300ml

Schwepps Lemonade

Vita Water

Barista Milk

Pump Berry or Lime


Keri Juice


Live + Bottle