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A+ Burgers

Local Dunedin burger bar, serving delicious homemade burgers with a special taste and passion!

72 Albany Street, North Dunedin, Dunedin 9016
11:30am - 9:20pm
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New Zealand Lamb Burger

Grilled lamb, cheese, red onion, beetroot, lettuce, jalapeno, pepioli and mint mayo sauces.

Just Beef Burger

Double beef, cheese, pickles, lettuce, thousand island and pepioli sauces

Beef & Bacon Burger

Double beef, bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickles, pepioli and thousand island sauces.

Triple Beef & Bacon

Triple beef, bacon, pickles, lettuce, cheese, thousand island and pepioli.

Jumbo Beef Burger

Four beef patties, cheese, pickle, lettuce, pepioli and thousand island.

Classic Vegetarian Burger

Vege patty, cheese, red onion, grilled mushroom, beetroot, lettuce, mint mayo and pepioli.

Peri Peri Vege Burger

Peri-peri coated patty, red onion, jalapenos, cheese, peri peri sauce and pepioli.

Chicken & Bacon Burger

Crispy chicken, cheese, double bacon,Lettuce, crispy Worcestershire bacon, onion and pepioli.

Crispy Peri Peri Chicken Burger

Peri-peri coated crispy chicken, red onion, jalapenos, lettuce, peri peri sauce and pepioli.

Fish Burger

Pepioli, lettuce, picked onion, pickle, tartar, home-made beer battered fish.

Chicken & Mushroom Burger

Pepioli, lettuce, pickled onion, mushrooms, double crispy chicken patties, cheese, 1000 islands.