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The Ship Cafe

The Ship Cafe focus on clean, organic and healthy eating.

7/4 Hillary Square, Auckland 0931
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09 600 1452
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Eggs on Toast

Cooked your way.

Mince on Toast

Served w ciabatta.

Salmon Bagel

Served w cream cheese, caper, and salad.

Creamy Balsamic Mushroom

Seved w toasted ciabatta and poached egg.

Eggs Benedict

Served w wilted spinach and choice of bacon or mushroom. Finished w hollandaise.

Waffle Banana

Served w cream fraiche, maple syrup, and berry sprinkle.

The Ship Omelette

Bacon, mushroom, spinach, cheese, tomato, and ciabatta.

Ship BIG Breakfast

Eggs, bacon, mushroom, sausages, grilled tomato, hash brown, and ciabatta.

Lemon Butter Garlic Prawns

Prawns tossed w lemon, garlic, butter, and salad.

Fish & Chips

Pan fried or battered. Served w salad, fries, and tartare sauce.

Chicken Burger

Sweet pickles, lettuce, aioli, pineapple fritter. Served w fries.

Beef Burger

Lettuce, sweet pickles, tomato, fried egg, bacon, and fries.

Cajun Chicken Salad

Served w beetroot, tomato, olives, cucumber, and rocket.