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Nuri Maru Sushi & Donburi

Modern Japanese offering the freshest and healthiest ideas.

91 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
9:50am - 6:20pm
09 3798458
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Teriyaki Chicken Don

Pan fried grilled chicken w teriyaki sauce served w rice and salad.

BBQ Beef Don

Stir fried BBQ beef w cabbage and bean sprout served w rice.

Oyako Don

Pan fried chicken and egg served w rice.

Pork Ginger Don

Stir fried pork w ginger and rice.

Garlic Chicken Don

Stir fried chicken w garlic and broccoli served on rice.

Teriyaki Tofu Don

Pan fried crispy tofu w teriyaki sauce and rice.

Una Tama Don

Pan fried eel and egg served w rice.

Pork Kimchi Don

Stir fried slice pork w korean pickles served w rice.

Miso Katsu Pork or Chicken

Crispy chicken or pork w broccoli and miso sauce served w rice.