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Kiki Beware

Dunedin's sleekest boutique cafe, offering fresh gourmet eats and delicious sweet treats.

344 George St, Dunedin, 9016
10:20am - 5:20pm
03 477 4034
Chip Buttie

Toasted, buttered baguette filled w french fries and sauces of your choice.


Toasted baguette filled w ham, swiss cheese, and wholegrain mustard mayo.

Tofu Boy

Teriyaki grilled tofu in a baguette w mesclun, grated carrot, and jalapenos topped w coriander and vegan aioli.

Spicy Chicken Baguette

5 spiced fried chicken, Vietnamese slaw, sriracha chilli, and pickled ginger. Topped w kewpie mayo, sesame seeds, and coriander.

The Special

Fried chicken, swiss cheese, mesclun, topped w aioli, and gravy in a grilled baguette.

Vietnamese BBQ Pork Baguette

Char siu BBQ pork, Vietnamese slaw, chilli mayo, pickled ginger, topped w kewpie mayo, sesame seeds, and coriander..

Vege Bagel

Grilled halloumi on sweet beetroot salad w basil pesto, mayo, and mesclun.

Deluxe Bacon Buttie Bagel

Streaky bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, mesclun, and lashings of kiki's sweet and tangy mayo.

Omega Bagel

Cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, mesclun, and mayo.

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