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Hikari Sushi Train (Riverside) is currently closed.

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Hikari Sushi Train (Riverside)

Hikari Sushi Bar serves up a delicious menu of fresh, contemporary Japanese cuisine.

96 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011
11:40am - 7:50pm
03 420 1050
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Fresh Salmon Nigiri

Nz king salmon nigiri. 5pcs.

Fresh Tuna Nigiri

Fresh tuna nigiri. 5pcs.

Red Prawn Nigiri

Cooked red prawn nigiri. 5pcs.

Salmon & Avo Nigiri

Fresh salmon and avocado nigiri. 5pcs.

Chilly Mayo Prawn

Red prawn with chilli sauce. 5pcs.

Panko Prawn Nigiri

Crispy panko prawn nigiri. 5pcs.

Aburi Unagi Nigiri

Aburi (flame-grilled) unagi (eel) nigiri. 5pcs.

Inari Nigiri

Inari (deep-fried tofu) with sushi rice (vegetarian). 5pcs.

Crab Inari

Inari (deep-fried tofu) with crab meat salad. 5pcs.

Panko Prawn Nigiri

Crispy panko prawn nigiri (5pcs / 10pcs).