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Ayutthaya Thai

Ayutthaya Thai's authentic fresh Thai dishes create a taste sensation unrivaled in Lower Hutt.

149 Jackson St, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012
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04 568 2825
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D2 Kra Tiem Prik Thai

Stir-fried chicken, pork, or beef, w garlic and pepper.

D3 Peek Gai Lao Daeng

Deep-fried chicken wings w red wine sauce.

D4 Pad Nam Mon Hoi

Stir-fried beef, or pork, mushroom and onion w oyster sauce.

D5 Yang Tid Mun

Grilled beef, or chicken, w Thai herbs. Served w garlic sauce and chilli sauce.

D6 Kai Pad Medmamuang

Stir fried chicken w cashew nuts and vegetables.

D7 Pad Bai Hor Ra Par

Stir-fried chicken, or beef, w garlic, onion, bamboo, sweet basil, and chilli paste.

D8 Keh Lao Daeng

Deep-fried lamb ribs w red wine sauce and vegetables.

D9 Yang Tid Mun

Grilled lamb, or pork, w Thai herbs, garlic sauce, and chilli sauce.

D10 Pad Keng

Stir-fried chicken, pork, or beef, w ginger and vegetables.

D11 Pad Bai Kra Poa

Stir-fried squid, or mussel, w garlic, onion, bamboo holy basil, and chilli paste.

Pad Priew Wan

Stir-fried sweet and sour pork, or chicken, w vegetables and pineapple.